In the windswept northern mountains,
in a cold and gloomy grotto,
slumped upon a throne of foe-skulls,
a barbarian sits brooding...
-The Song of Steel

Barbarian Odyssey is the next game by MythoLogic Interactive, a sidescrolling romp through a weird and wondrous world of sword and sorcery.

The game will feature meaty hack-and-slash combat, varied enemies and levels, challenging boss fights, a cartoonish retro aesthetic, a fun and bittersweet story, a level editor, great modding support, and more!

It is a long-planned, loose sequel to our 2009 Flash game Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What platforms will the game be on?
    PC for certain, we also want to release it on the main consoles such as PlayStation and XBox. It will be our most accessible and portable game to date, so we will try to cast a wide net - but nothing is decided yet.
  • What engine are you using?
    Unity, with the RetroBlit framework.
  • What graphical style will the game have?
    Traditional 8-bit style pixel art, with a fixed 480x270 resolution and lovingly hand-animated sprites.
  • Who will compose the music?
    To be decided!
  • Will there be multiplayer?
    No, it is a singleplayer game.
  • Will it have similar gameplay to Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel?
    Yes, but with many advancements to combat, movement and... everything else, really.
  • Will there be different weapons like axes, spears, hammers?
    Your main weapon will always be a sword, but you can find and use various throwing weapons.
  • Will there be character customization like in Superfighters Deluxe?
    No, you won't be able to change the Barbarian's outfit.
  • When will it come out?
    Certainly not before 2024. We have full-time day jobs and work on the game when we can.
  • Is there any way to support the game?
    Yes, through Patreon! With enough support, we will commit to Barbarian Odyssey on a full-time basis. Buying our previous games, leaving positive reviews and spreading the word also helps!

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